Proud to be an indian 20

Undoubtedly, India has numerous flaws but no country is completely perfect, Right? So, today on the 69 Independence Day, we come up with 20 interesting facts which make you feel proud to be an Indian.

Proud to be an indian 20

It trends mainly during Indian independence day and Republic Day celebration. Speech, Essay on I am Proud to be an Indian When it comes to taking pride in own nation, Indians are not good compared to others.

Yes, we are not the best but no other country is. Every country has problems, their problems are different than us but they do have problems. Do you know that the USA is becoming one of the most dangerous countries to live in?

Do you know how they spy their own citizen? Do you know how they intervene in Middle Eastern and world politics to maintain their hegemony over the world?

Same time it is true that they have got better infrastructure, health insurance, education and other important systems. Point is that we fail to realize that we compare our nation which got freedom 70 years back with a country which got it years back. Yes, they have done a commendable job, full credit goes to their people and leadership.

We have to realize that Singapore is a tiny country. On another hand, India is way bigger and complicated. And to expect such development, government and citizens should be on the same page.

This is the one things we Indians are lacking in and which is restraining us from progress. China was the fastest growing economy for a decade. It was growing in double digits, thanks to their infrastructure boom. But do you know how the land was acquired?

There are dozens of ghost cities in China, no one lives there.

Proud to be an indian 20

Sure their infrastructure is better than us. But do you know how they are trying to acquire land in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and many African countries? There are millions of things to be done yet in India.

We are going there, it will take time.

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By that time other countries will go much ahead. These are some things which makes me proud to be an Indian. Democracy India is the biggest democracy in the whole world and I am proud of it.

Because of this democracy only we can express ourselves, we can vote. It is true that democracy has loop-holes, it is not the best governing system, neither the communism.

Politicians take advantages of these loopholes, play with the system.May 29,  · Greatly written. I am a proud Indian and you made me even more proud. I know there are several issues but its changing with time.

Now Young generation don't care what cast his friends have. In next years Indian will be superpower in economics, science and urbanagricultureinitiative.coms: I am proud to be Indian as we have festivals to celebrate throughout the year and in my class there are students from all religions.

All of us learn from one another. Paridhi, III, GD Goenka. Feb 13,  · I is an Indian. He travels to London for a family wedding and finds his family live in fear of the terrorism by National Front Skinheads and finds he has to become involved which escalates the situation/10(). Valentines Day, New Year's eve etc.

make us feel ecstatic & festive but Republic Day & other national days do not throw us into a similar festive frenzy. The reason being there is no business opportunity, glamour or show off associated with national festivals. Here are facts about India that we should be proud of. Jun 14,  · 14 Facts That Will Make You Feel Proud To Be An Indian.


Proud to be an indian 20

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Abhishek Saksena. Updated: Jun 14, , PM IST. Proud to be an Indian 20 26 Oct | India India, a country with a culture having more than ten thousand years has enriched the global scientific, educational, economic and cultural scenario significantly.

That is the reason why mark Twain has stated “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of.

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