Essays about youth and age

The tragedy of human race has been the youth does not know the consequences of action and age does not have the physical power to do things. Age has foresight and wisdom born out of experience. It can show the way and warn about the results. But it cannot move.

Essays about youth and age

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. It tells of two young lovers from opposing families, the Montagues and the Capulets, who fall in love after an accidental meeting at a grand party hosted by one of their parents.

Essays about youth and age

This tragic tale could possibly have been averted if not for many of the older characters in the play whose superciliousness and chauvinism affect the lives of the people around them.

The differences between old and young, between vigilant, mature wisdom and youthful, impetuous emotion are striking in this play.

Two of the key older characters in the play are Lord Capulet himself, father of Juliet, and Friar Lawrence, an empathetic priest and a good friend of Romeo.

Their behaviour and actions made a significant contribution to the tragic and untimely deaths of Romeo and Juliet, yet in contrasting ways. Near the beginning of the play, Capulet is conversing with a possible suitor to Juliet, Paris, and agrees that if Juliet finds the man attractive, then he shall give his consent to marry Paris.

After the secret marriage of Romeo and Juliet, the inequitable deportation of Romeo and the death of Tybalt, Capulet informs Paris that he agrees to his marriage to Juliet and sets a date, two days later.

As mentioned before, fathers may give their daughters to whomever they chose and Capulet feels deeply insulted when Juliet dares choose otherwise.

Because of this vindictive avowal by Capulet, Juliet decides to see the Friar about the predicament she is in and this causes other problems and dilemmas when the Friar comes up with a scheme to reunite the two lovers, Romeo and Juliet.

Though these appellations are appropriate because of their religious context, this interchange has greater resonance. In his first appearance in the play, Friar Lawrence contemplates the balance of good and evil in all things natural.

The bad advice is continued however, when Juliet turns to Friar Lawrence in desperation because her parents are forcing her to marry Paris.

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The Friar is relying on a message to get to Romeo to inform him of his plans, which, regrettably, never arrives because of an outbreak of plague in Mantua. He is, in these two instances at least, culpable for the troubles that lie ahead.

Though he was concerned that Juliet would wake up in the crypt, the Friar thinks only in terms of his next plan, which will include more deception. This situation is already in pandemonium and disarray, and it is unclear if the Friar takes any of the blame upon himself. Perhaps if Friar Lawrence had stayed with Juliet, she would never have killed herself with the dagger and at least one life could have been saved.

The friar tells the whole poignant tale and concludes by implicating the Nurse and himself in the debacle. However, as he mentioned in his brief monologue in the Monastery, he truly believes that bad can turn to good under the right circumstances, and his deeds seem merely misguided.

Friar Lawrence becomes a victim, rather than a cause, of the tragedy.

Essay on youth and age

To recapitulate, both of the older characters mentioned here, Lord Capulet and Friar Lawrence, both behaved and acted in ways that could easily contribute to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet but cannot solely be blamed for the tragedy as they were often doing what they considered to be reasonable and right.Essay on youth and age foeticide essay in punjabi language alphabet i lost my mobile phone essay uvm medical school secondary application essays haematoxylum campechianum descriptive essay muggenthaler research paper talleres angel sampayo dissertation essay writing services fas.

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Role Of Youth 56 million children under the age of There were another 13 million adolescents between the ages of 15 and 19, and 11 million youth aged between 20 to 24 years Words; 12 Pages; Kant.

Pembroke 1 Essay on Youth and Age By: Erin Pembroke As a man ages, he looks back on his life. He remembers all the love, heartbreaks and fun he had. Oct 02,  · Spiritual age is how old your soul is and physical age is the amount of time a person has lived on Earth Moving on, if an aged person found someone equal to their physical age, they still have to worry about having “baggage” from a previous relationship, insecurities, emotional issues, physical issues and the fear of rejection in finding.

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The Youth Criminal Justice Act is a piece of legislation that replaced the Young Offenders Act in The Youth Criminal Justice Act was implemented with the purpose of Words; 3 Pages; Whether .

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