A discussion on whether cameras in the classroom are an invasion of students privacy or a safety mea

Maximum words Submit The idea of cameras in classrooms is an absolutely sick one, it has nothing to do with pedagogy, but with prisons, terror, discomfort, guilt, etc The idea of camera surveillance in classrooms is an absolutely sick one, it has got nothing to do with pedagogy, but with the penitentiary space, with prisons, terror, punishment, discomfort, etc.

A discussion on whether cameras in the classroom are an invasion of students privacy or a safety mea

Ajay Pal Singh said: Oct 17, Hello, guys.

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According to my apprehension, Security cameras are good for us because with the help of recorded videos we can catch the crime scene, corruption, and the terrorist activities.

The security cameras are also used in many big shops, ATMs to prevent the chance of thieves. By this way, we can reach the crime easily.

Oct 12, Hello Friends, According to me, security cameras play an important role nowadays for the purpose of security. It helps to find any crime occurred in any field.

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Security cameras are very important in ATM, Banks, mall, shops, jewelry shop, police station, government office, also in our private office, our own shops, etc. Security cameras are the best way to identify an identity in case of crime.

Security cameras affect our privacy in case of, due to a person who wants miss use otherwise it always helps to find about any crime. So advantages and disadvantages of any type of technology depend on our way of use and our thinking. Sep 27, According to me, as we known everything has advantages and disadvantages before going to any opinion, we should be seen both views.

Sep 27, In my point of view, every coin have two sides such a manner this security camera also have advantages and disadvantages. Privacy is affected by using them. Sep 26, In my point of view, security cameras are acting very important role in our society because more use full for security purpose.

Very use full in decreasing crime rate.


But some peoples are using illegally to get unauthorised activities. Sep 9, Hi friends, Security cameras are helpful to be safer side we can prove proper security for our home, shops, banks, control of traffic, and etc.

A discussion on whether cameras in the classroom are an invasion of students privacy or a safety mea

But nowadays the security cameras are misusing for the blackmailing purpose, using of that so many bad things are happening like robberies, rape cases. And also increasing software hacking. Aug 31, Yes, we need the cameras for security purpose, but only for the security purpose not for a blackmailing.

It is useful but in the 21th century there are lots of ways and people need only money they do what they want and earn money by the bad way. So peoples have to change their mind, not need of cameras. Aug 24, Yes I agree with all peoples security, In my opinion, cameras are safe for us but some of the peoples are utilise for wrong purposes regarding to blackmailes.

More number of peoples are suffering about this cameras action. Aug 24, In my point of view, security cameras make us to feel nervous when we know that someone is watching you.

So, security cameras should be kept at required places. We can be identified stranger person who did crime or terror by this. It is also playing a good role nowadays, due to this everyone safe and secure. I think these is very useful for our society to safe and secure.

Aug 16, The security camera is the good method to detect the theft but it took some time to identify the thief.

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So I prefer burglar alarm to install at home that giving the quick notification about the theft. Aug 5, In my point of view, Many murders and thefts have been identified only with the help of security cameras.

Its a boon to police man, as it has contributed in reducing number of crimes. But like all others have mentioned, cyber crime is on increase, but there are ways in which one can check presence of camera. Its upto us to take care of our privacy and support the security cameras, help to reduce crimes in the city.

Jul 21, From my point of view, the camera is good for security purpose at some place but as we know there is two side of everything. So there is also some drawback of having a camera is some sensitive place like a bank, Dress changing room in the mall or like any other place. In world level, the cyber crime is increasing because of some bad guys, who are all leaking some information, and data on the internet for some personal reason or to make money.

Jul 5, Hai friends. In my point of view, Security Cam is essential in present days. Then, it is the best solution for avoiding crime. But, if affect the privacy of human.Sean Michaels was a seasoned professional with ethical concerns regarding the safety of his female students.

A new student, Juan Curare, was a convicted sex offender who verbally harassed one of Sean’s female students. Taking action would be an invasion of Juan’s privacy that could result in the loss of the job he loved and wanted to.

Sep 04,  · Security Cameras In School: Protective Or Invasive? More and more schools are installing security cameras in halls, classrooms and buses. Administrators say it helps protect students and staff. Body cameras used by law enforcement officials, on the streets and with the general public, can be a win-win when used within a framework that balances public safety and privacy concerns.

However. Sep 04,  · He questions whether cameras in classrooms are the most effective use of school budget dollars, especially in light of recent state safety grant cuts in Indiana.

"We live in a time of unprecedented planetary ecocrisis, one that poses the serious and ongoing threat of mass extinction. What role can critical pedagogy play in the face of such burgeoning catastrophe? Drawing upon a range of theoretical.

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